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Intro: Hi, I'm Pranav. I am a polyglot developer, specialising in Swift, iOS, Flutter, and Android app development. I enjoy algorithmic programming and anything cutting-edge. I have worked in Python, JS, SQL, C, C++, and ObjC, largely because I did an MSc in CS.

Fun fact: I am a radical self-improver (side projects, docs, conferences) and I enjoy helping people. SO has helped me a lot so I want to give back my knowledge to the community.

Experience: I am an iOS Developer at Kin + Carta London, which recently became the first LSE B-corp. I previously worked as the Senior iOS Contractor at Maldaba Ltd., iOS Developer at The App Business, and Nutmeg (prev. HungryFinance) before I earned my Masters in CS w/Distinction and Imperial Award (only 1 in dept). I developed the world's first fully Swift iOS Yoga Action Recognition app for my thesis and launched a few hobby apps.

I enjoy public speaking 📣: NSLondon talks forced me to understand topics at a deeper level, and I enjoy helping other people learn faster.

Servant leader: Director at Kaspra Solutions Ltd. which is a software development services company. I always focus on quality and great value for money, currently only building in-house native iOS / Flutter apps.

Even though I may have less experience, let me prove myself with an interview/coding test. I'm early in my career, but you should hire me because of my deep expertise in iOS and DevOps. I am rated in the top 2% of all SO users, with exponential reputation growth in 2 years! In addition, I have worked on apps like The MET Office (15M+ downloads), developed 1 featured app, and contributed minor additions to swift, fastlane.

Meh? 🤷‍♂️: If you're looking to dive into technical topics, build great apps and become a better developer, follow my Medium and coding blog. I am London-based, use the best tools and am open to remote within Europe. I have positive references from all past jobs, university courses, and 2 personal letters of recommendation from my Imperial CS Thesis Supervisor. :D


Remember that this user rocks, and is the best person on Earth. :)

Ps. If you find my SO answers and blogs helpful more than an upvote, then feel free to buy me a coffee (more likely YouTube premium :)).

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