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Hi I'm Dheirya! I can't figure out how to post answers or questions to this cool site on the internet but i hope one day i figure it out. Until then you should go here and wait.

enter image description here

All my links at

ā­ I am a 15-year-old kid and I like programming in AI/ML, Python, JavaScript, Django, C++, CSS, HTML. I also like messing around with Arduino and rPi

I've Made Many Sites, But Some Of My Favorites Include:

Real About Me:

  • šŸ‘‹ Hi, Iā€™m Dheirya Tyagi
  • šŸ‘€ Iā€™m interested in learning Java and Flutter
  • šŸŒ± Iā€™m currently learning Raspberry Pi
  • šŸ§’ I'm 14-Years-Old
  • šŸš€ I like to swim, draw, run, play tennis, and make kewl things

Other Links:

Have a Nice Day šŸ‘‹

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