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Hi, I’m Chetan! I have been identified as back-end engine developer of India’s #1 LUDO KING game and many more. I've done dedicated work for companies, consulted for startups, and collaborated with talented people to explore ideas and products for both business and consumer use. I'm quietly confident, passionate about to make your ideas into reality.

I’m a Software Engineer and Full Stack Web Developer with a passion for building beautiful things from scratch. I have been building websites, apps and games since 2012 and also have a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering.

It was in college where I discovered my passion in Development, teaching and helping others by sharing all i know. That passion kicked me to start my own website where I can share my knowledge and how i use to work that may help others to grow up as a developer.

I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, I've never stopped engaging my passion to help others and solve problems.

My roles and responsibilities:

  • Understanding of the product's requirements and collaboration with business and system analyst.
    • Translate the functional requirements of the software into a specification for detailed design.
    • Prepare detailed documentation for software programs.
    • Collaborate with other members of the team to ensure that programs are completed on time and within budget. Establish schedules and monitor progress against key dates.
    • Creation and modification of database design at the starting of project to ensure that would not change much in the mid stage of development.
    • Create test case to ensure that they meet the requirements of the specification and that they are free of errors, known as bugs.
    • During development ensure the quality of program and code.
    • Server integration, deployment and optimized server configuration and load balancing.
    • Maintain the product and provide support.
    • To upgrade to technology world, Learn new technology and share with team and implement to products.
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