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32 votes

How is the logarithm of an integer analogous to the degree of a polynomial?

22 votes

Are theorems in mathematics that have only been proved by contradiction applicable anywhere outside of mathematics?

14 votes

Relationship between the squares of first n natural numbers and first n natural odd numbers.

9 votes

Why are tetrations not useful?

9 votes

Why do we not name $-a+bi$ in relation to $a+bi$?

8 votes

What is the difference between 'formula' and 'function'?

6 votes

In what sense does a number "exist" if it is proven to be uncomputable?

4 votes

Why choose sets to be the primitive objects in mathematics rather than, say, tuples?

4 votes

Does the Units of a Ring always form an Abelian Group?

4 votes

With the epsilon-delta definition of continuity, are the rationals continuous?

3 votes

Geometric argument for why $(\mathbf{x}-\mathbf{p}_1)\cdot (\mathbf{x}-\mathbf{p}_2) = c$ is a circle

2 votes

Negation of "If ... then" statements

2 votes

Can "that dog is a mammal" be considered a tautology?

1 vote

Show that a graph that is connected but not complete has vertices u,v and w such that uv and vw are edges but not uw.