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Albrecht Hügli

Master of Arts & Music, (solfeggio, theory, composition, SwissJazzSchool (Theory, Harmony, Chordprogression, Arrangement) 40 years Music Teacher (Secoundary School: Singing, Piano, Keyboards, Recorder, Schoolbands Pop & Rock ) Bandmaster: Brassband, Euphonium, Trombone

Music and computer (composer and arrangement): I‘ve started 30 years ago with sequencer programs like Twenty- four, band-in-a -box, (bia) notator creator. Then I got experienced with finale (Klemm). Now I will try out the VST plugins note oerformer and iconica, and get experienced with halion and cubase, where I could need a lot of help.

  • Bern, Schweiz
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  • Last seen Jan 13 at 12:10