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By day: Nurse at Pinderfields in north England. So if you have a hematology question, i might be able to answer that :P

By night: all-around gamer.

Coding experience: Very little. I have always been interested in coding, but never done much about it. My attention span is simple to short to ever really get into a project and make it into something. So i mostly produce small batch-files, AHK-scripts and VBA-Excel sheets for what ever i need in my everyday life.

"Programs created" list: Batch: Shutdown timer. Installer for various AHK scripts made through out the day. AHK: Scripts for games, eg. auto run/chop, timed actions and so on. Scripts for automated chopping and renaming of files on my server. VBA-Excel: Handoversheet for work, automated shopping list creator with email function (It even displays where every item is on what isle in the local supermarked). Various Calorie counters working with exerciser and the shopping list program. Back in the day: Flash action scripting, C++, HTML.

So yeah, iv'e touched base with many different languages, but never mastered more than 1% of true potential.

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