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Current Status: Variable

Current Focus: Fullstack Development

Expected Statuses:

  • Independence Day 2022: Moderately Active [CCS/CSC/CSS/WEB]

Hullo! I am Mulliganaceous, a Computer Science nurd residing somewhere deep in the forests of Canada. I have great interests in crazy occult topics such as high-dimensional space, 4D polytopes, computational complexity, and nuclear physics. The programming languages I am currently specializing includes Python, Java, C/C++, SQL, and the web development trio: HTML/CSS/JS, and I am actively creating other programs to expand my knowledge on other programming languages.

I am an Administrator in Candy Crush Wiki, extracting levels information and detecting redesigns. I am also planning to finalize my contributions on Candy Crush Soda Wiki and further King games!

I describe myself as a Việtnamese-born Norwegian metalhead and a [wannabe] traveller in the Far North of Canada. However, I am currently in [and severly addicted to] university for computer science; commute can be quite long and dreary.

A completely non-mainstream guy somewhere, I ain't conscious about fashion and my music collection primarily includes hardcore hip-hop and extreme metal — in fact I am a contributor to Encyclopædia Metallum. A complete night owl, my active hours are the deep nights in my zone. I listen to and track many death and black metal bands such as Enslaved, Mayhem, Suffocation, and 1349.

  • Update: AUG 01 2019: I am currently working on databases for varied purposes, such as tracking Grammy winners and isotope data.

  • Update: SEP 04 2019: I am now employed provincially. Expect possible variations in activity! CCS development is currently in hiatus.

  • Update: AUG 24 2020: Finished provincial internship.

  • Update: SEP 00 2020: Critical personal situation. It is unknown when I will go to full force.

Cảndy Crưsher! Extract Eẋtract Eẍtract! ᛜᛁᛖᛜ ᛜᚢᛟ́″ᚲ ᛜᛁᛖᛜ ᚦᚨ̀ᚾᚺ ☢☢☢☢☢

My email is mulliganaceous@gmail.com.

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