I'm a noob. I'm working on it. I am relearning CSS and HTML, and am improving upon JavaScript and GML. I've just started trying to use PHP and SQL. I have a very useless website.

There's more space to fill. I'm trying to get the autobiographer achievement, but it's still not saying that I've completed the about me section... I'll keep typing and then refresh.

Day 2: I still do not have the achievement. I'm starting to notice it getting to me. My list of symptoms includes shortness of breath, hallucinations, dizziness spells, and attempted cannibalism. I thought that I heard the sounds of an achievement flying above my head, but it was just an illusion. I'll check in again tomorrow.

Day 3: The freshwater spring I have been drinking from is almost gone; I've decided to build a contraption to funnel rainwater... I hope it rains soon.

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