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I have a long history in computer software, having now a nearly 30 year career at the leading edge of technology. I have worked for both major corporations and startups in roles from lead developer, software architect, product management. I've been at the leading edge of several technologies during my career including the interent, world-wide-web, web 2.0, Voice over IP, Cloud Apps (SaaS), and more.

A few of my 'proud' innovations is creating the popular web services diagnostic tool SOAPscope, being among the very first to deploy Java as a server-side technology, creating one of the first Java application servers, and participating in many standards including JCP, W3C, and OMG. My most spectacular failure, and great learning experience, was 'OpenDoc' for Windows.

Now, in addition to my day job, I'm administrator and developer for the eCommerce site of our family business. I'm learning Magento and hope at some point to develop extension writing skills.

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