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BY DAY: International Baccalaureate Student (I love Maths, Sciences, and Languages. I don't like Lit or History class), Diverse Programmer (whatever I can get to not explode ahead of time), Theoretical Pyrotechnic (I'm a bit too broke to put my theories to test - to the delight of my neighbors),

BY NIGHT: Insomniac (Sometimes by choice / usually as caused by my prior choices), Tired

FOR FUN: Not Sleeping... I hate Sleep but love its side effects. I'm basically addicted to sleep and periodically attempt withdrawal, to great failure.

Mathematical Background: Currently in refinement of precalc. I have learned Algebra, Functions and equations, Circular functions and trigonometry, and Statistics and probability of SL Maths, and I am finishing up the same topics in HL Maths this year. I have also done some levels of calculus independently of my school (Limits, Derivatives, and very basic Integrals + other random stuff), mainly from James Stewart's Calculus: Early Transcendentals 5&8e and, but with input from various sites.

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