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28 votes

What are good books to learn graph theory?

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Non-Scientific questions solved by mathematics

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Can every even integer be expressed as the difference of two primes?

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Anecdotes about famous mathematicians or physicists

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discrete math book suitable for younger person?

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Eulerian graphs proof

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Parity of $k = d d^{\prime} > 1$ vs $\text{gcd}(d+1,d^{\prime} +1)$ for distinct divisors $d$ and $d^{\prime}$

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How Many Angles in an Angle?

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Topic for a high school-level math elective?

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Is there a formula for solving the congruence equation $ax^2 + bx + c=0$?

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Do odd imaginary numbers exist? [parity for Gaussian integers]

-2 votes

How to prove that a torus has the same volume as a cylinder (with the height equal to the torus' perimeter)