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Annuities, lottery and interest rate
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Correct me if Im wrong. R=Rent, r=number of payments of R in a year, n=total time in years. Then the resolution might be A =200,000\cdot (1+1)\cdot \frac{1 – (1+1)^{-20} }{ 1} A = 399,999.62

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Inequalities with two absolute values with greater than symbol. Please tell me the proper way of doing $|4x-1|>|3x+2|$
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I tried again, following the answer of Théophile, and I was able to reach the correct solution. Below is the pic of the procedure I used. Thanks!

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problem in volume of concentrical spherical shells
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Looks like what was wrong was GOOGLE CALCULATOR. I tried several times to check the results using the google calculator and it was giving me wrong results (for anyone that want to check the bug here ...

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