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285 votes

How can adding an infinite number of rationals yield an irrational number?

182 votes

Proving the identity $\sum_{k=1}^n {k^3} = \big(\sum_{k=1}^n k\big)^2$ without induction

135 votes

What's a proof that the angles of a triangle add up to 180°?

120 votes

Why do mathematicians use single-letter variables?

98 votes

Is Serge Lang's Algebra still worth reading?

84 votes

Why is 'abuse of notation' tolerated?

77 votes

Are all mathematicians human calculators?

67 votes

Importance of Representation Theory

60 votes

Projection map being a closed map

59 votes

Why is associativity required for groups?

56 votes

An infinite union of closed sets is a closed set?

54 votes

Solutions to the matrix equation $\mathbf{AB-BA=I}$ over general fields

52 votes

Why is the tensor product important when we already have direct and semidirect products?

50 votes

Connected metric spaces with at least 2 points are uncountable.

49 votes

Does quotient commute with localization?

48 votes

An intuitive approach to the Jordan Normal form

48 votes

Is $\frac{\textrm{d}y}{\textrm{d}x}$ not a ratio?

48 votes

What's the difference between interior and relative interior?

47 votes

Chain Rule Intuition

46 votes

Proving that $m+n\sqrt{2}$ is dense in $\mathbb R$

43 votes

Cohomology of projective plane

43 votes

Why is $\omega$ the smallest $\infty$?

42 votes

Functions that are their Own nth Derivatives for Real $n$

41 votes

Does uncountable summation, with a finite sum, ever occur in mathematics?

39 votes

Does localization preserve reducedness?

39 votes

Why study finite-dimensional vector spaces in the abstract if they are all isomorphic to $R^n$?

38 votes

Why does drawing $\square$ mean the end of a proof?

38 votes

Epimorphism and Monomorphism = Isomorphism?

37 votes

Matrix is conjugate to its own transpose

36 votes

Compute $\int \frac{\sin(x)}{\sin(x)+\cos(x)}\mathrm dx$

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