I'm a geek girl who loves STEM stuff, and I've been designing, and programming websites unofficially for more than 10 years. I know more than 12 different web coding languages. I know web designing code such as HTML, CSS, XML like the back of my hand. Programming languages I know best are Javascript, PHP, and usually when I do Javascript I use Jquery because it's the modernized version of Javascript.

You can do more things with it, it's less buggy, and the code is easier to understand. I know SQL database code, and if your server has the PDO extension to work with databases I know how to do that as well. I've also programmed Image Magick code before for uploading, and manipulating images on the web.

I also know the stuff people need to upload, and work with files on the server like FTP, and SSH.

I know CRON if you want the server to automatically perform a task at a certain time.

It's been so much of a hobby that I've decided I'm eventually going to get a degree in computer science.

I don't have anything online at the moment except for SissyKiss.com which is an adult site (NSFW!) It's a playful community website about a kink / interest for transgender people who love being feminized. I programmed, and designed every inch of that website. It's a very unique interest many people have, and I'm open minded to program, or design adult sites, and kinky sites for people, as long as it promotes safe sex between consenting adults. I'm also open minded to program for any site of any subject. I can definitely make what ever kind of style, and features people want.

I have the latest version of Adobe Photoshop, and I love it! I've been using Adobe Photoshop for designing, and making art work for websites since 2003.

At the moment I'm making my own social networking/community software so people can make sites sort of like Google+, or Facebook, but what I'm making is more advanced. I'll license it out so people can use it on their own sites.

I'm also open to being hired by anyone that wants to hire a web designer / programmer! Though it needs to pay enough to support me while I'm trying to get my degree in computer science. If you are looking fill free to contact me!

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