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Transform the discrete system $x[k+1] = (1-a)\cdot x_{\infty} +a\cdot x[k]$ to Continuous system
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It is not clear what you mean with "transform to continuous" system, but I assume you mean "to transform the discrete-time system into a continuous-time system". Then, it is impossible to convert a ...

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Why aren't the rationals a compact subset of $\mathbb{R}$?
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A space must be complete in order to be compact. Complete means that every Cauchy sequence converges, that is every sequence "approaches" to a point that belongs to the considered set. For example, ...

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matrix exponential property
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Hint: write the matrix exponential in the form $$ e^A=\sum_{k=0}^{\infty}\frac{1}{k!}A^k $$

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