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GOD is REAL, unless declared INTEGER.

I have an insatiable lust for knowledge, and not nearly enough time to learn it all. I am very enamoured with mathematics, though mathematics might still be my weakest scientific skill. I am very interested in parallel programming, high-performance computing on GPUs, applied mathematics, computer programming, software design, didactics, music and board games.

I have excellent time management skills and terrible working priorities... I write FORTRAN programs, no matter what language I'm using (that's a joke).

Bsc in nanotechnology doing Experimental Mesoscopic Physics. Worked with Python, Quantum Mechanics, Solid State Physics, Mesoscopic Physics.

Msc in nanotechnology, Thesis work on parallelizing the eigenvalue solver in the Second-order polarization propagator approximation. Worked with Scientific Computing, High-performance Computing, Statistics, Programming, Theoretical Chemistry, and Software Design.

PhD student at Technical University Denmark. Started Feb. 2015. Work with applied Mathematics, Regularization of ill-posed problems, Multivariate Statistics, Generalized LM, Mixed Models ultra-fast X-ray Free-Electron Laser experiments, Software development.

Passing knowledge of: Python, Matlab, R, Bash, C, F├śRTRAN, and Julia.

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