Timothy Ha
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  • Graduate in Mathematics from Moscow State University. Born in a family of mathematicians. Won bronze medal in International Mathematical Olympiad 1989.
  • Started developing websites since 1999. Founded one of the first Russian Christian portals, JesusChrist.ru, which is self-hosted and self-developed since 2000 to this day
  • Big interest in large-scale Internet projects and modern Web technologies
  • Developed a popular Bible study tool, BibleQuote/InterBiblia, with 100,000+ user base (was Windows and Linux, now moving to Mac OS and mobile platforms)
  • Good experience in different fields of corporate software, including RDBMS, financial control, banking technologies (integration of banks, card-accepting devices and payment networks)
  • Big interest in human languages, different peoples and cultures. I work for the good interfaces (speaking "computerishly") which link people, ideas and objects
  • Analytical mind, able to both learn and teach, known for ability to communicate complicated technical ideas to non-technical (e.g. business) people
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