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Nathaniel Payne
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Work, Education & Research: Senior Data Architect & Engineer at Cardinal Path

Instructor, School of Business (Statistics [Regression, Time Series Analysis, Clustering, Classification], Data Mining, Linear / Non-Linear Programming), British Columbia Institute of Technology

Researcher & M.Sc Student (Statistical Computing), Department of Statistics, Simon Fraser University

M.Sc Student [OMSCS] (Computer Science), Department of Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology

Languages / Tools: Python, Java, C++, Visual Basic, C#, JavaScript, PHP, R, SAS, Tableau, Excel, MySQL, MongoDB, Google Cloud (AppEngine, CloudSQL, Cloud Storage, Cloud Compute Engine)

Applications & Interests: Cloud & Distributed Computing (Including Hadoop, Cassandra), Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Financial Mathematics & Trading Systems, Market Research, Digital Analytics, System Architecture, Database Systems, Survey & Experimental Design, Sampling

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