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💪 I'm a strong and stable Laravel & Vue.js full stack developer!

⚡ I work with PHP (since 2006), JavaScript and HTML (since 2002), Vue.js (since 2015), and the Laravel framework (since 2014).

🎓 I graduated from the Moscow College of Information Technology, and the MIREA (a Russian technological university) which is also located in Moscow. They all specialise in my field (and yours too).

☔ When you work with me, you will have no problems or worries, because I am very professional. Web Programming is my passion. I am well qualified, so I am able to utilise my skills effectively.

🏎 I can also make backend and/or console scripts in Golang and Node.js.

💉 Additionally, I am fluent in Linux shell (zsh, bash, tmux) and I prefer to use docker.

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