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The notion of a [$2$-category](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strict_2-category) generalizes that of category by considering "morphisms between morphisms". In other words, it is a category enriched ov…
96 questions
For questions regarding groups of even prime power order, as distinct from p-groups in general. Topics include 2-groups of maximal class, 2-groups as Sylow subgroups, and the conjecture that almost al…
14 questions
For things related to 3 dimensions. For geometry of 3-dimensional solids, please use instead (solid-geometry). For non-planar geometry, but otherwise agnostic of dimensions, perhaps (euclidean-geometr…
Questions specifically about $4$-dimensional manifolds
87 questions
For questions about proving and manipulating the AM-GM inequality. To be used necessarily with the [inequality] tag.
For questions about and related to the abc conjecture.
40 questions
for questions about Abelian categories, which are categories that possess most of properties of categories of modules over a ring, and are easy to work with using techniques of homologica…
For questions about abelian groups, including the basic theory of abelian groups as a topic in elementary group theory as well as more advanced topics (classification, structure theory, theory of $\ma…
In mathematics, particularly in algebraic geometry, complex analysis and number theory, an abelian variety is a projective algebraic variety that is also an algebraic group, i.e., has a group law that…
354 questions
for questions related to absolute continuity, which is a smoothness property of functions stronger than that of continuity and uniform continuity.
387 questions
for questions related to absolute convergence of a series.
717 questions
For questions about or involving the absolute value function also known as modulus function.
For questions about monoids, groups, rings, modules, fields, vector spaces, algebras over fields, various types of lattices, and other such algebraic objects. Associate with related tags like [group-t…
84729 questions
For questions about accessible categories, accessible functors, and their properties. Use in conjunction with the tag (category-theory).
27 questions
An example of a total computable function that is not primitive recursive; appears in the literature in many variants. The original three-argument variant can be used to define the Ackermann numbers.
63 questions
0 questions
Actuarial science is a discipline that uses mathematics and statistics to assess risk. The mathematics involved in actuarial science includes probability, statistics, finance, life insurance mathemat…
640 questions
for questions relating to Adaptive control. The adaptive controller is to be designed so that the plant output follows the model output as closely as possible. It is the capability of the …
48 questions
0 questions
For questions dealing with additive or pre-additive categories.
120 questions
Additive combinatorics is about giving combinatorial estimates of addition and subtraction operations on Abelian groups or other algebraic objects. Key words: sum set estimates, inverse theorems, grap…
388 questions
For questions on groups and rings of adeles, self-dual topological rings built on an algebraic number field.
109 questions
An adjacency matrix is a square matrix used to represent a finite graph. The elements of the matrix indicate whether pairs of vertices are adjacent or not. In the special case of a finite simple graph…
232 questions
For questions on the adjoint action of a Lie group $G$, which represents the elements of the group as linear transformations of the group's Lie algebra, considered as a vector space.
5 questions
For questions about adjoint functors from category theory. Use in conjunction with the tag (category-theory).
For questions about adjoint operators in inner product spaces. For adjoint functors from category theory, use the tag (adjoint-functors).
Questions asking for advice on various mathematical matters. Be careful that your question is answerable, and also that it is not a polling question (e.g. "What is the best / your favorite way to..."…
For questions about algebraic geometry that focus on affine space. For affine mappings in linear algebra (i.e. linear mappings plus translations), please use the linear-algebra tag or another appropri…
1193 questions
The spectrum of a commutative ring with unit is the set of prime ideals endowed with the Zariski topology. One can define a sheaf of rings on this space : to each Zariski-open set is assigned a commut…
588 questions
for questions related to an affine variety over an algebraically-closed field.
0 questions
For questions about Airy functions, the solution to Schrödinger's equation for a particle confined within a triangular potential well and for a particle in a one-dimensional constant force field.
73 questions
For questions concerning the Alexandroff compactification of a locally compact topological space, which is a compact topological space which contains the original space and one extra point.
10 questions
For questions about the Alexandroff double circle, also called "Concentric Circles" in Steen & Seebach's "Counterexamples in Topology".
7 questions
0 questions
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