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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 2861
a widely used integral transform (transformation of functions by integrals), similar to the Fourier transform.
× 2851
For questions about formal deduction of first-order logic formula or metamathematical properties of first-order logic.
× 2788
formed by making a series $\sum_{n\geq 0} a_n x^n$ out of a sequence $a_n$. They are used to count objects in enumerative combinatorics.
× 2765
For sequences of functions, uniform convergence is a mode of convergence stronger than pointwise convergence, preserving certain properties such as continuity. This tag should be used with the tag [co…
× 2748
the instinctive impression regarding mathematical ideas which originate naturally without regard to formal mathematical proofs. It may or may not stem from a cognitive ration…
× 2728
for elemetary physical questions. This tag is intended for questions on modern mathematical methods used in quantum theory, general relativity, string theory, integrable system etc…
× 2710
when you want to determine the thinking that is needed to solve a certain type of problem, as opposed to looking for a specific answer to a question.
× 2692
Questions concerning predicate calculus, i.e. the logic of quantifiers.
× 2662
Order theory deals with properties of orders, usually partial orders or quasi orders but not only those. Questions about properties of orders, general or particular, may fit into this category, as wel…
× 2650
For questions about tensor products, which allow us to build "linear" objects from "multilinear" ones. Add other specific tags to indicate the subject you're referring to.
× 2645
Questions related to equations, with matrices as coefficients and unknowns.
× 2620
For questions about $\mathbb{R}$, the field of real numbers. Often used in conjunction with the real-analysis tag.
× 2605
For questions involving radical of numbers or radical of expressions (i.e. numbers/expressions raised to the power of a fraction).
× 2576
For mathematical questions about MATLAB; questions purely about the language, syntax, or runtime errors would likely be better received on Stack Overflow. MATLAB is a high-level language and interacti…
× 2562
homotopic, if one of them can by continuously deformed to another. This gives rise to an equivalence relation. A group called homotopy group can be obtained from the equivalence clas…
× 2534
Questions on the factorial function, $n!=n\cdot(n-1)\cdot...\cdot1$. Consider using the tag (gamma-function) if dealing with noninteger arguments.
× 2531
Questions related to Brownian motion, a continuous stochastic process denoted by $W_t$, $t\geq 0$, with independent increments, such that $W(t)-W(s)$ is normally distributed, with $0$ mean and varianc…
× 2528
Questions on the evaluation of integrals along a locus in the complex plane.
× 2494
used for problems where the goal is to find all functions satisfying the given equation and possibly other conditions. Solving the equation means finding all function…
× 2486
For questions related to the teaching and learning of mathematics. Note that Mathematics Educators Stack Exchange may be a better home for narrowly scoped questions on specific issues in mathematics e…
× 2452
The area of statistics that focuses on taking information from samples of a population, in order to derive information on the entire population.
× 2431
the study of (classes of) mathematical structures (e.g. groups, fields, graphs, universes of set theory) using tools from mathematical logic. Objects of study in model theory are mode…
× 2423
Should be used with the (group-theory) tag. A group $(G,*)$ is said to be abelian if $a*b=b*a$ for all $a,b\in G.$
× 2417
Questions on the use of the methods of real/complex analysis in the study of number theory.
× 2409
for questions about cardinals and related topics such as cardinal arithmetics, regular cardinals and cofinality. Do not confuse with [large-cardinals] which is a technical concept about st…
× 2365
For questions about finding factors of e.g. integers or polynomials
× 2352
any representation of a mathematical expression in terms of "known" functions, "known" usually being replaced with "elementary".
× 2347
For things related to 3 dimensions. For geometry of 3-dimensional solids, please use instead (solid-geometry). For non-planar geometry, but otherwise agnostic of dimensions, perhaps (euclidean-geometr…
× 2338
Questions on coordinate systems, a geometric method where a point in n-dimensions is assigned a corresponding n-tuple of numbers.
× 2317
meant for questions about the mathematical principles behind games, riddles, or their possible solutions. If the answer is known to you please do not use this tag to "riddle" other users, …
× 2301
Transformation has many meanings in mathematics. If using this tag, add another tag related to the object being transformed. If there is a tag for your specific kind of transformations, use that one i…
× 2301
Use for questions about the efficiency of a specific algorithm (the amount of resources, such as running time or memory, that it requires) or for questions about the efficiency of any algorithm solvin…
× 2289
The study of competitive and non-competitive games, equilibrium concepts such as Nash equilibrium, and related subjects. Combinatorial games such as Nim are under [tag:combinatorial-game-theory], and …
× 2239
Questions on fractions, i.e. expressions (not values) of the form $\frac ab$, including arithmetic with fractions. Not to be confused with the tag (rational-numbers): fractions denote rational numbers…
× 2211
continuous Fourier transform, discrete Fourier transform (DFT), discrete cosine transform (DCT), discrete sine transform (DST)
× 2206
Questions on the various algorithms used in linear algebra computations (matrix computations).