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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 6034
Questions regarding functions defined recursively, such as the Fibonacci sequence.
× 5946
Questions involving asymptotic analysis, including growth of functions, Big-O notation, Big-Omega and Big-Theta notations.
× 5857
Representation theory studies (among other things) representations of groups by finite matrices. The non-commutative analog of classical Fourier transforms.
× 5691
the study of properties of convex sets and convex functions. For questions about optimization of convex functions over convex sets, please use the (convex-optimization) tag.
× 5546
Questions on the usage and meaning of words in mathematics, the names for mathematical entities, and other such questions.
× 5481
Questions about the properties of functions of the form $\sum_{n=0}^{\infty}a_n (x-c)^n$, where the $a_n$ are real or complex numbers, and $x$ is real or complex.
× 5481
For questions on manifolds of dimension $n$, a topological space that near each point resembles $n$-dimensional Euclidean space.
× 5350
Questions regarding the Taylor series expansion of univariate and multivariate functions, including coefficients and bounds on remainders. A special case is also known as the Maclaurin series.
× 5281
for readers who ask for explanation and clarification of some steps of a particular proof.
× 5185
Galois theory allows one to reduce certain problems in field theory, especially those related to field extensions, to problems in group theory. For questions about field theory and not Galois theory, …
× 5155
For question involving exponential functions and questions on exponential growth or decay.
× 4998
Problems from or inspired by mathematics competitions. Questions regarding mathematics competitions.
× 4988
indicates that several equations (of some type) must all hold. Do not use alone! Use in conjunction with (linear-algebra), (polynomials), (pde), (differential-equations), (inequalities) or an…
× 4982
Questions involving improper integrals, defined as the limit of a definite integral as an endpoint of the interval of integration approaches either a specified real number or $\infty$ or $-\infty$, or…
× 4947
Geometry assuming the parallel postulate: in a plane, given a line and a point not on that line, there is exactly one line parallel to the given line through the given point.
× 4903
subsets of a given size of a given finite set. All questions for this tag have to directly involve combinations; if instead the question is about binomial coefficients, use that tag.
× 4896
For requesting, clarifying, and comparing definitions of mathematical terms.
× 4889
For questions involving Hilbert spaces, that is, complete normed spaces whose norm comes from an inner product.
× 4865
Questions related to the algebraic structure of algebraic integers
× 4852
Coefficients involved in the Binomial Theorem. $\binom{n}{k}$ counts the subsets of size $k$ of a set of size $n$.
× 4692
the field dealing with differentiable functions on differentiable manifolds. It is closely related to differential geometry and together they make up the geometric theory of d…
× 4670
Questions on basic arithmetic involving numerical quantities only. Questions involving variable values (other than the result of the operation) should be placed under the (algebra-precalculus) tag.
× 4496
a group (in the sense of abstract algebra) that is also a differentiable manifold, such that the group operations (addition and inversion) are smooth, and so we can study them with diff…
× 4488
For questions about integration, where the theory is based on measures. It is almost always used together with the tag [measure-theory], and its aim is to specify questions about integrals, not only p…
× 4441
Questions on the Gaussian, or normal probability distribution, which may include multi-dimensional normal distribution.
× 4412
For questions about Riemann geometry, which is a branch of differential geometry dealing with Riemannian manifolds.
× 4407
For questions about the Lebesgue measure, a measure defined on the Borel or Lebesgue subsets of the real line or $\mathbb R^d$ for some integer $d$. Use it with (tag: measure-theory) tag and (if neces…
× 4376
A convex optimization problem consists of either minimizing a convex objective or maximizing a concave objective over a convex feasible region.
× 4319
For questions regarding partial derivatives. The partial derivative of a function of several variables is the derivative of the function with respect to one of those variables, with all others held co…
× 4303
Questions about determinants: their computation or their theory. If $E$ is a vector space of dimension $d$, then we can compute the determinant of a $d$-uple $(v_1,\ldots,v_d)$ with respect to a basis…
× 4299
for questions about divisibility, that is, determining when one thing is a multiple of another thing.
× 4228
In dynamical systems, the motion of a particle in some geometric space, governed by some time dependent rules, is studied. The process can be discrete (where the particle jumps from point to point) or…
× 4198
Questions on the use of algebraic techniques for proving geometric facts.
× 4118
a complete normed vector space: A vector space equipped with a norm such that every Cauchy sequence converges.
× 4092
a function on a vector space $X$ which generalizes notion of length of vector in general vector spaces.
× 4076
Questions about the set of values at which a given function evaluates to zero. For questions about "square roots", "cube roots" and such, consider using the (radicals) and the (arithmetic) tag. For qu…