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Confused about the extraneous root of $\frac{x \sqrt{A^2 - x^2} + x}{x^2 - \sqrt{A^2 - x^2}}$

$\sqrt{A^2 - x^2} = -1$ has no real solution. LHS is defined only when $A^2 - x^2 \ge 0$ in which case, LHS is non-negative and so, the equation has no real solution. Thus, $x=0$ is the only real ...
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Minimal distance between zero's $d = D(f(z)) = \inf_{i \neq j} |(z_i - z_j)| s.t. f(z_n) = 0 $?

A comment that is too long; not sure about the intent of the question as the comment regarding universality doesn't really apply to entire functions per se, as it is related to some kind of ...
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Permutating the coeffecients of equations with roots of unity.

Two equations of the same degree can have same set of roots (with same multiplicity) iff one is obtained from the other by uniformly multiplying the coefficients by the same number. For higher ...
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