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Christoffel symbol on $T^*M$

Leibniz rule is, for $X$ and $Y$ vector fields and $\alpha$ a $1$-form, $$ \nabla_X(\alpha(Y)) = (\nabla_X\alpha)(Y) + \alpha(\nabla_XY). $$ Applying to $\alpha = dx^k$, $X= \partial_i$ and $Y=\...
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Relation of connections on $TM$ and $T^*M$

Somehow things seem to be slightly messed up in your question. Initially, one defines a connection as sending $\Gamma^\infty(M,E)$ to $\Gamma^\infty(M,E)\otimes_{C^\infty(M,\mathbb R)}\Omega^1(M)$ ...
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Reference request: English version of "Über eine Ungleichung von Cheeger "

Did you notice this article? It might be relevant.
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2nd Bianchi Identity via normal coordinates

First of all, we need to know that $$R_{ijk}^{\phantom{ijk}\ell} = \partial_i\Gamma_{jk}^\ell - \partial_j\Gamma_{ik}^\ell + \Gamma\Gamma + \Gamma\Gamma.$$We will not bother with the placement of ...
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Comprehension of the definition of 2nd partial derivatives on Riemannian manifolds.

For the second question. If we apply $e_i$ to the first equation we obtain, for any smooth function $\varphi$ $$ \varphi \circ f_i= e_i (\varphi \circ f) $$ If now $f_{ij} \omega^j= df_i$ we have $$ \...
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Is there analogue of four vertex theorem for Riemannian 2-sphere $(S^2,g)$?

One way of showing that the Gaussian curvature function on the 2-sphere may have as few as $2$ critical points is to use Gluck's result from Gluck, Herman. The generalized Minkowski problem in ...
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