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How to solve this equation analytically

It can be solved using the Lambert W function: with $t = 1 + c x$, write the equation in the form $$ \alpha t + \ln(t) + \beta = 0 $$ with $\alpha = a/(bc)$ and $\beta = d/b - a/(bc)$. Then the ...
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I want a formal mathematical definition of the configuration space of a system (mathematically defined examples appreciated)

Remember that physics and math are different things. One must be careful not to get carried away by pure mathematical arguments when analyzing the mathematical structure of physical concepts. ...
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Calculating deflection on a beam

I am not sure about the triangular wedge but as a starting point for a rectangular beam it sounds like you need Euler-Bernoulli theory for the deflection of a cantilevered beam. I think the lecture ...
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Physics Kinematics Equation Derivation

The previously posted answers derived the kinematic equation $\Delta x = v_it + \frac{1}{2}at^2$, so I hope that at least one of the provided explanations make sense. The process of getting from $\...
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