Use this tag for question on path-connected spaces and related notions. These include locally path-connected spaces, arcwise connected spaces and so on. For the more general notion, use the (connectedness) tag.

A topological space $X$ is path-connected (or pathwise connected) if, for any $a, b \in X$, there exists a path from $a$ to $b$. That is, if there exists a continuous mapping $f:[0,1]\rightarrow X$ such that $f(0)=a$ and $f(1)=b$.

This is closely related to arc-connected spaces, in which there is an arc between any two points. That is, for any $a, b \in X$, there is a path from $a$ to $b$ which is homeomorphic to the unit closed interval.

Every arc-connected space is path-connected, and every path-connected space is connected.

For more general notions of connectedness, use the tag.

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