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Questions on numerical methods; methods for approximately solving various problems that often do not admit exact solutions. Such problems can be in various fields. Numerical methods provide a way to solve problems quickly and easily compared to analytic solutions.

In numerical analysis, a numerical method is a mathematical tool designed to solve numerical problems.

Definitions: Numerical methods are techniques to approximate mathematical procedures (example of a mathematical procedure is an integral).

Approximations are needed because we either cannot solve the procedure analytically (example is the standard normal cumulative distribution function) or because the analytical method is intractable (example is solving a set of a thousand simultaneous linear equations for a thousand unknowns for finding forces in a truss).

Applications: With the advent of the modern high speed electronic digital computers, the numerical methods are successfully applied to study problems in mathematics, engineering, computer science and physical sciences such as biophysics, physics, atmospheric sciences and geo-sciences.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  1. Approximation theory, interpolations.
  2. Numerical ODE/PDE.
  3. Root finding algorithm.
  4. Numerical linear algebra, matrix computations.
  5. Discrete integral transform, FFT, etc.
  6. Linear/Non-linear programming, integer optimization.

For questions concerning matrices, please consider adding the tag.

For questions concerning optimization, please consider adding the tag.

For questions concerning Numerical ODE/PDE, please consider adding the // tag.


"Numerical Methods for Scientific and Engineering Computation" by M. K. Jain, S.R.K. Iyengar, R. K. Jain