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Find the value of $\log_{5}(0.0016)$

Your working is fine and correct. Here is a shorter working: $$y=\log_5(0.2)^4=4\log_5(5^{-1})=-4$$
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What property is being used to simplify this logarithm? $ 4^{log_2 n} = n^2$

How come $ 4^{\log_2 n} = n^2 $? Because using the definition of logarithm and properties of exponents, $4^{\log_2n}=(2^2)^{\log_2n}=2^{2\log_2n}=2^{(\log_2n)2}=(2^{\log_2n})^2=n^2$.
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Why is y=In x the only logarithmic function with a gradient 1 at x=1?

Regarding your question, why is y = ln(x) the only logarithmic function with a gradient of 1 at x intercept? Whenever we talk about gradients, we generally talk about derivatives at that point. So ...
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How to calculate 3x7 by using logarithm?

I too have come across this story. It is in a book titled An Anthology of Anecdotes, where small biographies of scientists are presented with a view to show their human side; and also a balance ...
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