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Doubt regarding shortest distance between exponential and logarithmic curve?

Symmetry about the line $y=x$ means that reflection across that line carries one graph to the other. Since reflection preserves distance, the reflection of the line joining the two closest points must ...
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Is it possible to take S.S.S. Congruence criterion as a postulate and prove S.A.S. and A.S.A. through it?

Taking David Hilbert's axioms of geometry, without SAS (III.6), and adding SSS, does not recover SAS (as mentioned in the comments). We take as evidence: The bounty has been offered a long time ...
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Relationship of a section cut parallel to a base of a pyramid and its height proof

Check out this article about similarity. The article only talks about 2D shapes, but the same concept applies here. An algebraic proof is not needed here. The pyramid which only consists of the top $x$...
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