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What are other examples of $\aleph_1$-categorical theories?

I'll discuss classical examples. Maybe someone else can write an answer about examples in continuous logic. The easiest examples of $\aleph_1$-categories theories are strongly minimal theories. Here ...
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in definition of assigment, what's means 'except possibly a'?

I understand 'for all x...' means that 'every variable satisfies ...' No, it does not mean that - in fact the opposite. It means that every assignment $v$ to some domain object $a$ for that one ...
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Proving "if Q is derivable from P, then all sentential interpretations of P->Q are true" from Suppes criterion I

(I) IF every sentential interpretation of $P \to Q$ is true, THEN $Q$ logically follows from $P$. And: (IV) IF $Q$ is tautologically implied by $P$, THEN $Q$ logically follows from $P$. By (CI): Given ...
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