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Switching limits of a pdf

For a question like this, it's almost always a good idea to sketch the region in the $xy$ plane. Now if you look at how lines of constant $y$ cut this parallelogram, you see that you need different ...
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Switching limits of a pdf

The region is a parallelogram. You only need one integral if you integrate with respect to $y$ first. For each $x$, $y$ goes from $x$ to $x+1$ ,so the integral should be $$ \int_{0}^{1} \int_{x}^{x+1} ...
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Joint pdf given one marginal pdf and a conditional pdf

Pay close attention to the wording of the example. It says "the police radar's measurement $Y$ has an error which is modeled as a normal variable with zero mean ..." The measurement $Y$ ...
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Formal proof of joint pdf for arrival times of a Poisson process

Thanks for clarifying the question in the comments. The intuition you have would be enough if we were talking about probabilities of events. But because we're talking about probability densities, we ...
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