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Find a non-degenerate vector perpendicular to a given 3D vector, general solution

If whatever tentative definition of "nice" should imply that $\vec{r} \mapsto \vec{v} = \vec{v}(\vec{r})$ is continuous then this is impossible to achieve for all $\vec{r} \in \mathbf{R}^3 - ...
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Let $P$ be a point in the first quadrant that lies on the hyperbola $\dfrac{x^2}{a^2}-\dfrac{y^2}{b^2}=1$.

Let $P = (x_1,y_1)$ lie on the hyperbola. The normal vector at $P$ is along $ g = [ \dfrac{x_1}{a^2} , -\dfrac{y_1}{b^2} ] $ Therefore the equation of tangent line at $P$ is $ \dfrac{x_1 (x - x_1)}{a^...
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Change of Basis in Game Development

Simply: change of basis twice is not quite what you want to do. Let the canonical basis (i.e. that with matrix $1$) be $W$ i.e. $$R\times X_R = B\times X_B = C\times X_C = X_W$$ You can see that all ...
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How duality works with polynomials?

Regarding your second question What can be the dual base of $C$? You used the correct definition of dual basis We have $c_i^*(c_j)=\delta_{i,j}$ Hence the dual basis for $C$ would be $(c_1^*,c_2^*,...
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Is the metric in normal coordinates constant for flat manifolds?

Working locally throughout, we can regard normal coordinates as maps $\varphi:\mathbb{R}^n\to M$ defined by $$ \varphi(x^1,\cdots,x^n)=\exp_p(x^ie_i) $$ where $e_1,\cdots,e_n$ is an orthonormal basis ...
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To find the conic touched by chords on contact from a parabola.

You start out fine; the polar of $(t^2,2t)$ is $x t^2+4y2t+2(x+t^2)+3=0.$ Then the trick to get the envelope is to take the partial derivative wrt $t,$ it is $2tx+8y+4t=0.$ Eliminating $t$ from the ...
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Visualisation Tool: Coordinate Systems

Maybe geogebra is what you're looking for or TikZ with LaTeX, on wikipedia all sorts of tools can be used, there are no specific tools for this.
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Intersection of line and lattice points

"In practice" your line does not have zero width. Since a line with irrational slope comes as close as you wish to many lattice points the fuzziness of the pencil lead (or the pixel width on ...
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