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Adequate Root Finder To Compute The Quantile Function

Many standard math libraries (e.g. C99, C++11,Fortran 2008) offer implementations of the complementary error function $\mathrm{erfc}$ making it worthwhile to take a detour through that. If we let $\...
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Find the dominating term

To expand on the hint: Let's suppose $m \sim n^k$ (if $m$ and $n$ are both positive constants, then that definitely works; if $m$ and $n$ are functions of something else it might be true, but even so ...
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Relationship of the Egg Riddle solution to bisection and $\log(N)$ function?

Defining the function of minimum number of drops required with $k$ eggs for $n$ floors:$$f(n, k) = \begin{cases} 0 & \text{ if } n=0\\ \infty & \text{ otherwise if } k=0 \\ \min\limits_{x=1}^{...
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Algorithm for finding maximum of a binary search tree

Assuming that you need this to be a BST and not a max heap then I suggest looking into self balancing BSTs such as AVL or Red-Black Trees. The lookup time for these will be $O(\log n)$ where $n$ is ...
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Generate set of numbers containing 3 consecutive 1, but without the elements of the previous set

The numbers included in set $F_n$ must start with $111$ and the next $n-3$ digits must have no consecutive string of $111$ otherwise it would have been included earlier. We can further deduce that ...
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What is the correct term for maximal/minimal "thickness" of convex hull in ℝ³?

With the help of Mikhail I found document naming minimal/maximal "thickness" width/diameter in 1.3 Preliminaries. I updated the JSCAD app for this thread to provide a "width/diameter&...
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