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¿Should I invest time in doing olympiad problems or should I invest time in learning more theories as a junior in mathematics?

Your question is a very relevant one in the life of someone who loves math, of someone who is young and with energy in particular as well. I believe that you don't necessarily need to do well on ...
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Any good alternatives to Inverse Symbolic Calculator?

This is mentioned by Gottfried Helms in a comment, but it really deserves to be a full answer: You'll have to compile and run it yourself (I could swear there used to be a ...
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What should you do if you have a research idea outside your area of expertise?

Sometimes, I have ideas for research in mathematical subjects about which I don't know much. [...] Which is great and is something that naturally happens when you think about mathematics, especially ...
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James R. Munkres' TOPOLOGY, 2nd edition: How to check my work?

Here is another solution manual:
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How much time is too much (to put into a single problem)?

I think you can pursue a problem as long as you want, and as long as you can afford it. But the latter is a crucial point, which may be a reason for asking this question. Getting stuck can also mean ...

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