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For questions about or involving the absolute value function.

The absolute value function, usually denoted by $|x|$, is a function $\mathbb{R} \to [0, \infty)$ which can be defined in three equivalent ways:

  1. $|x| = \begin{cases}x &\ \text{if}\ x \geq 0,\\\ -x &\ \text{if}\ x <0\end{cases}$,

  2. $|x| = \sqrt{x^2}$, and

  3. $|x| = \max \{x, -x\}$.

This definition extends to complex numbers as the square root of the norm: $|x+iy|=\sqrt{x^2+y^2}$. In both cases, the function may be interpreted geometrically as the distance of the input number from the origin.

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