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For any topic related to matrices. This includes: systems of linear equations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors (diagonalization, triangularization), determinant, trace, characteristic polynomial, adjugate and adjoint, transpose, Jordan normal form, matrix algorithms (e.g. LU, Gauss elimination, SVD, QR), invariant factors, quadratic forms, etc. For questions specifically concerning matrix equations, use the (matrix-equations) tag.

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If $A$ and $B$ are normal with $\sigma(A),\sigma(B)\subseteq \mathbb{R}\cup\mathbb{T}$, does $\text{rank}(AB-BA)=\text{rank}(A^*B-BA^*)$?

I already asked this question for general $B$ and it was answered negatively here, so if the statement is true, one has to use the assumption on $B$ as well. In the original question I already ...
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