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Learning Roadmap for Algebraic Topology

I am now considering about studying algebraic topology. There are a lot of books about it, and I want to choose the most comprehensive book among them. I have a solid background in Abstract Algebra, ...
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Topology Prerequisites for Algebraic Topology

Note: There is another question of the same title, but it is different and asks for group theory prerequisites in algebraic topology, while i want the topology prerequisites. I am a physics ...
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Difficulties with reading "informal" and "non-rigorous" sections when studying Algebraic topology

The words in the title may not be accurate, so I put them in quotes. Recently I begin reading Hatcher's book on Algebraic topology. I have not studied any "topology" other than basic point set ...
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Munkres Topology preparation for Algebraic Topology by Hatcher

I am planning to take a graduate topology class that uses Algebraic Topology by Hatcher. In order to prepare for that class, would going over chapter 1-8 of Munkres Topology be sufficient enough to ...
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Algebra prerequisites for Hatcher's Algebraic Topology

Is the chapter on groups in Herstein's Topics in Algebra enough to get started? What bare minimum Algebra should I be comfortable with, before studying Algebraic Topology?
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Munkres vs Hatcher

I am self-studying algebraic topology and I was wondering which book is better for my purposes. The second part of Munkres' topology deals with algebraic topology and it seems easier to understand, ...
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Textbook to Self-Study Algebraic Topology / Rating them by Readability

Why post this question again I don't think earlier posts reviewed a number of the textbooks I'm interested in, and haven't considered my criteria. My background At the graduate level, I've self-...
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Module theory for chapters 1-3 of Hatcher Algebraic Topology

I'm taking a graduate sequence alg. topology course based on Hatcher and I've already learned point-set topology, groups, and rings. I scanned the first three chapters of Hatcher and saw modules ...
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Suggestions regarding Algebraic topology

I have recently completed my undergraduate degree. Now, I have started reading Algebraic topology Hatcher's book. I have read chapter 0 & 1 . But I am not able to solve excercise.How can I ...
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Motivated Reading on Topology?

I am looking for a book on Topology which isn't solely focused on cramming theorems and proofs down the reader's throat: I have already read a significant chunk of Munkres. What I am looking for now ...
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