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Books on the GAP (groups, algorithms and programming) system [duplicate]

I am learning GAP by using internet only for computations in finite group theory. Is there any book for GAP? I didn't find any such book.Thanks.
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Solved Exercises in GAP. [duplicate]

If this is too broad a question, I'm sorry. I'm looking for some solved exercises in GAP to get some practise using it. Do you have any suggestions?
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Learning GAP software [duplicate]

I wants to use the application GAP. Please help me, how should I start and from where? I need this to compute some specific structures. Thanks for help!
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Subgroups of $\operatorname{GL}_2(\mathbb Z/8\mathbb Z)$

Is there some program or a location which would allow me to work and calculate with the subgroups of the group $\operatorname{GL}_2(\mathbb Z/8\mathbb Z)$?
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How do I create a group action table with GAP?

Background: Let $G$ be a group of size $k\cdot p^n$. Let $S$ be the set of all subsets of size $p^n$ of $G$. Define the map $f\colon G \times S \rightarrow S$ by $(g, s) \mapsto gs$ if $s \in S$. ...
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Brauer Character in GAP.

What is command to obtain Brauer Character in GAP? In magma, it is like ...
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What computer algebra system or package for abstract algebra best suits me?

I am a mathematics student who wants a tool on the side, either specifically aimed at, or well suited for abstract algebra (ring/ideal theory, module theory, but perhaps graphs and combinatorics as ...
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Is there any function in GAP finding all maximal elementary abelian subgroup of a $p$-group $P$?

I know how to obtain all subgroups of a group in GAP. Is there any function in GAP (or algorithm that I could implemnt myself) for obtaining all maximal elementary abelian subgroups of a $p$-group $P$?...
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Groups, Algorithms and Programming (GAP 4) lack of functions

I am a newbie in using of GAP. To learn it I downloaded a book "Groups, Algorithms and Programming" (subtitle GAP 3.4.4 of 20 Dec. 1995, gap3-jm of 19 Feb. 2018) and also Reference Manual of ...
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Existence of groups with prescribed dimensions of irreps

Let $G$ be a finite group with size $n$. Two basic results from finite dimensional complex linear representation theory reads: the dimension $d$ of a irreducible representation divides $n$. The sum ...
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