In the answer to Characterisation of one-dimensional Sobolev space Tomás wrote

... let $\eta_\delta$ be the standard mollifier sequence. Let $u_\delta=\eta_\delta\star u$ and note that for any $c\in (a,b)$ $$|u_\delta(x)-u_\epsilon(x)|\le \int_c^x |u'_\delta (t)-u'_\epsilon(t)|dt+|u_\delta (c)-u_\epsilon(c)|\tag{1}.$$

Since I am new to this subject, I'd like to know which theorem/lemma Tomás used to get inequality (1).

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By the fundamental theorem of calculus, we have that $$u_\delta(x)=u_\delta (c)+\int_c^xu_\delta'(t)dt,$$

Can you conclude now?

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