I am doing a reading course on Group cohomology...

I am supposed to start reading Group cohomology part in Serre's Local fields Book http://www.amazon.com/Local-Fields-Graduate-Texts-Mathematics/dp/0387904247

I have had a look at Beginning Pages of Group Cohomology part (Part III) and realized that i need to know what a functor is and what a resolution is and some other...

I know some elementary results in Projective,injective Modules...

I have not studied category theory before but i am doing category theory course (in which there is a possibility to cover resolutions) Simultaneously with this Reading course...

I am using Hilton and Stammbach's book - A Course in Homological Algebra http://www.amazon.com/Course-Homological-Algebra-Graduate-Mathematics/dp/0387948236 for the course that i have mentioned above which covers some category theory

The instructor for this reading course is not expecting that i should know explanation for each and every line in That book but at least some idea of what is happening....

I would be thankful if someone can suggest me some suppliments for this...


Here are some books I've found helpful:

Cohomology of Groups - Kenneth Brown. Very thorough, almost to a fault. It can take a while to actually get through because of how many details are included. If you really want to see the inner-workings of everything, work through this book and its exercises, although you may not develop any intuition in doing so.

The Cohomology of Groups - Leonard Evens. In contrast to Brown, Evens leaves a lot of details to the reader to fill in, but gets to the point a bit more quickly that way.

An Introduction to Homological Algebra - Charles Weibel. A standard text for homological algebra. Would be a good reference text for what you're currently studying.


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