I need some information to know if I can solve a nonlinear integral equation with terms

$ u_{x} $ , $ u_{x}.u_{y} $ , $ u_{xx} $ , $ u_{xy} $ $u_{yy} $ $ u_{x}^{2} $ $ u_{y} ^{2} $

By numerical methods using MATLAB

Also how I introduce in MATLAB the boundary conditions? For example for a minimal surface in 3-D thanks

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    $\begingroup$ I assume that you mean partial differential equation (PDE). Do you have the Partial Differential Equation Toolbox for Matlab? Type ver pde in your command window if you don't know. $\endgroup$ – horchler May 17 '14 at 20:59

A minimal surface problem is an Elliptic PDE. MATLAB's documentation has an example for how to solve this here.


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