What is the largest integer m satisfying $a$$^{12}$ = 1 (mod $m$) for all integers a relatively prime to m?

I believe this can be solved using a homomorphism. So, let $m$ = ${p_1}^{e_1}$...${p_k}^{e_k}$ be the prime factorization of $m$. Then there is a homomorphism from

(Z/$m$Z)* ---> (Z/${p_1}^{e_1}$Z)* x ... x (Z/${p_k}^{e_k}$Z)* which takes [a] ---> (a (mod ${p_1}^{e_1}$), ...., a (mod ${p_k}^{e_k}$))

Where do I go from here?

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What we need is Carmichael Function $$\lambda(m)=12$$

If prime $p$ divides $m\implies p-1$ must divide $12$

more generally, if $a$ is the highest power of $p$ that divides $m,$ then $\lambda(p^a)$ must divide $\lambda(m)=12$


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