Could you recommend/suggest a good book about mathematical modeling (Not advanced) with examples about classical mechanics, dynamics, aerodynamics, chemistry, electronics and etc?


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Your request is quite broad, so I'll give you a list of books that I own/have used and you should check which ones are interesting for you:

Biology / Biochemistry / Ecology

  • A Primer on Mathematical Models in Biology - Segel, Edelstein-Keshet
  • Elements of Mathematical Ecology - Kot
  • Essential Mathematical Biology - Britton
  • Mathematical Methods in Biology - Logan, Wolesensky
  • Mathematical Models in Population Biology and Epidemiology - Brauer, Castillo-Chavez

General Modeling

  • Introduction to the Foundations of Applied Mathematics - Holmes
  • Mathematical Modeling in Economics, Ecology and the Environment - Hritonenko, Yatsenko
  • Mathematical Modelling - Case Studies and Projects - Caldwell, Ng
  • Mathematical Models - Mechanical Vibrations, Population Dynamics, and Traffic Flow - Haberman
  • Modeling and Simulation - An Application-Oriented Introduction - Bungartz, Zimmer, Buchholz, Pfluger
  • Modeling by Nonlinear Differential Equations - Dissipative and Conservative Processes - Phillipson, Schuster
  • Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos - Strogatz
  • Practical Applied Mathematics - Modelling, Analysis, Approximation - Howison
  • Topics in Mathematical Modeling - Tung

Hard to tell exactly what you're looking for but Lin and Segel I think will at least have some of it and is a great book.


I am not sure what you mean by advanced, but a wonderful book to model biological systems by Keener and Sneyd only expects basic understanding of differential equations and algebras.


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