Has anyone read the Book named " Monad science" published by Lambert Academic Publishing on 28 Febuary,2014 ?http://defence.pk/threads/pakistani-student-shakeel-azam-shah%E2%80%99-book-titled%E2%80%9D-monad-science%E2%80%9D-focus-on-particle-physics.302775/ The author has made attemps to solve Beal's conjecture. Is his solution accepted? Moreover he presents a method to solve a polynomial of any degree, doesn't this coontradict with Abel–Ruffini theorem?

PS: I havn't read the book myself, this is the discription of the book..


A solution by radicals? If the answer is positive the author is a crank. There exists another means to write the solutions of general $n$-th degree polynomial equations. If the author has found some new method, he can be taken seriously.

EDIT: the publisher is a vanity/scam house: http://journalology.blogspot.com.es/2012/09/lambert-academic-publishing-or-how-not.html.

EDIT2: and the title is crankish.


I can't seem to locate the book itself, but judging by the description:

The unknown smallest particle of the universe is responsible for gravity, and everything in the universe must be the combination of it. These unknown particles surround bodies; their total mass (quantity of matter) must be equal to the mass of body that they surround[...]

It sounds like a crank to me.


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