Let $X$ be a topological space. Is there any topological property on $X$ that be equivalent to $C(X,\mathbb R)$ being a noetherian ring?

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I assume you are referring to the space $C(X)$ of continuous complex/real valued functions on some compact Hausdorff space $X$. Check that:

  1. If $X$ is finite, then $C(X)$ is Noetherian.
  2. If $R$ is a commutative ring, let $Y := \text{mspec}(R)$, the collection of maximal ideals of $R$ with the Zariski topology. If $R$ is Noetherian, then every subset of $Y$ is compact. In particular, if $Y$ is Hausdorff, then $Y$ is finite.
  3. If $R = C(X)$, then $\text{mspec}(R) \cong X$.

Conclude that, $C(X)$ is Noetherian iff $X$ is finite.

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    $\begingroup$ What about when we do not assume $X$ is compact? The ring is well-defined in any case. $\endgroup$ – Henno Brandsma Nov 17 '13 at 12:37

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