Definition of normal extension: an algebraic extension $K$ of $F$ is normal extension if every irreducible polynomial in $F[x]$ that has one root in $K$ actually splits in $K[x]$.

Let $K$ be a normal extension of the field $F$ of finite degree.Let $E$ be a subfield of $K$ containing $F$. Prove that $E$ is a normal extension of $F$ if and only if every $F$-isomorphism of $E$ onto $K$ is an $F$-automorphism of $E$?


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Hint for "if": Let $f(x)$ be an irreducible polynomial over $F$, and let $a\in E$ be a root. Let $b$ be conjugate to $a$. Find an automorphism of $K$ that maps $a$ to $b$.

Hint for "only if": If $a\in E$, and $\sigma\colon E\to K$ is an $F$-isomorphism of $E$ into $K$, what can you say about $\sigma(a)$?


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