Let $R$ be an order on a class $X$. A subclass $S$ of $X$ is called an $R$-segment if $$(\forall s \in S) (\forall x \in X) ((x,s) \in R \implies x \in S).$$ If $a \in X$, then the set $S_{X,R} (a) = \{x : x \in X ,\, x \lneq a \}$ is an initial $R$-segment determined by $a$.

Let $R$ be a well-ordering on set $X$. Show that the set of $R$-segments of $X$ is well-ordered by the inclusion relation.

My proof( Is it correct?):

Let $A$ be the set of proper $R$-segments of $X$. Consider a non-empty subset $B$ of $A$.

Let $C = \{x: S_{X,R}(x) \in B\}$. Since every proper $R$-segment is also an initial $R$-segment, $C$ is non-empty. Since $R$ is a well-ordering, $$(\exists x_0) ((x_0 \in C ) \wedge (x \in C \implies x_0\leq x )).$$

Thus, given any $S_{X,R}(x)\in B$, we have $x \in C$ and $x_0 \leq x$.

Given any $x' \in S_{X,R}(x_0)$, we conclude that: \begin{align*} &x' \lneq x_0 \leq x \\ \therefore & x' \in S_{X,R} (x) \\ \therefore & S_{X,R}(x_0) \subseteq S_{X,R}(x) \end{align*}

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Assuming that you’ve already shown that every proper $R$-segment of a well-order is an initial $R$-segment, it’s correct, but it could be made a bit clearer. Specifically, what you’ve actually shown is that $B\,'=\{S\in B:S=S_{X,R}(x)\text{ for some }x\in X\}$ is well-ordered by $\subseteq$, and the desired conclusion follows from the observation that $B\,'=B$.

An alternative approach is to define the map $\varphi:X\to A:x\mapsto S_{X,R}(x)$ and show that $\varphi$ is an order-isomorphism from $\langle X,R\rangle$ to $\langle A,\subseteq\rangle$.


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