As you know there is a knapsack combinatorical optimization problem in math/operations research:

n item have to be filled in ONE container with a max size of Z a minimum of free space:



I need an advanced solution for m containers.


Lets say I have n files (=backup archive files with individual, different huge file sizes (> 1 GB each)). I want to burn it onto m containers (=DVDs or BluRay discs) with a minimum free space on the last DVD/BluRay disc.

For the sake of simplicity lets say the maximum of containers and the number of files is less than 50

Now I am searching for an algorithm to find the optimal filling.

Does such an optimization algorithm already exist?

If NOT: can the standard Knapsack problem/algorithm be extended for my problem?

A good, fast approximation algorithm is welcomed too

It would be great if a java source would already exist.

Thank you Thomas



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