Given a matrix $A$ and its eigenvalue $λ$ and its eigenvector $\vec{x}$.


From the definition that $A\vec{x}=λ\vec{x}$, can I say that eigenvectors $\vec{x}$ must be all in $A$'s column space and thus say that the rank of matrix $A$ must be not less than the number of $A$'s independent eigenvectors?

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Almost correct! From $A\vec{x}=λ\vec{x}$ we get $A(\frac1\lambda\vec{x})=\vec{x}$ and thus $\vec x$ is in the column space of $A$ ... unless $\lambda=0$, in which case this argument doesn't work. (Consider $A$ equal to the zero matrix, for example.) However, you can probably recover a valid implication if you consider only eigenvectors with nonzero eigenvalues.

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