I'm looking into doing neural networks for my mathematics degree's student seminar, but I'm having a hard time finding a textbook to use that is more recent as this field is growing quickly, as well as one that is more math oriented. There are lots of great papers out there, but textbooks are hard to find that don't delve mostly into the Computer Science aspect.

I was wondering if anybody here knows about any such books.

Edit: This has been voted that it needs clarity or details. I am a graduate student in Mathematics and have to do a guided independent study of a field of my choosing, and my advisor suggested as a Comp Sci. dual major that I could do Neural Networks if I can find a textbook that is graduate level in the math way, not the computer science way, so that I can do proofs and whatnot on the board. There are tons of papers out there regarding the subject, but I'm trying to find a textbook, which probably hasn't been written yet, but I'm hopeful. All I've found so far has the beginning math behind the Comp Sci and in no way fleshes out the math, understandably.

In essence, I'm looking for a Math Textbook on Neural Networks that is at the Graduate Level.


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